The Biggest Weight-loss News Of 2013

Weight-Loss Success: Jackie Waters’ Story

Dark Chocolate Blocks Fat Last year, it was red wine , and this year it’s even more good news: a new study found that dark-chocolate eaters who ate more calories than non dark chocolate eaters still had lower BMIs. The study suggests that an antioxidant found in dark chocolate, epicatechin, may block your body’s absorption of fats and sugars . 3. Eat More Protein, Lose More Weight A small study published in September found that the optimal amount of protein for those trying to lose weight may be more than the recommended daily allowance (RDA) set by the Food and Drug Administration. Researchers put patients on specific diets that differed in protein – groups either ate the RDA of protein, double that amount, or triple that amount. Those who ate double the RDA of protein lost more fat than muscle , which is important for keeping metabolism levels up when you are trying to lose weight.
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It was around this time, too, that I started Spark People. I started reading their articles – just anything about what you should and shouldn’t eat. A lot of my recipes come from Spark People, and they’re healthy. In all your research, did anything surprise you about healthy pure garcinia cambogia eating that you hadn’t thought about before? Oh definitely, yes. I never ate breakfast ever. I usually didn’t eat until noon or one.
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